Hurling and Camogie Arrive in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam GAC celebrates its 9th birthday this week, and it’s only fitting in the week that's in it, that a new era in the club is born.

Throughout the years, the club have seen talented hurlers join us and take up gaelic football, but as the club continues to grow and after the success of claiming a European Shield title in gaelic football in 2011, we’re delighted to take the next step in the history of the Amsterdam GAC, and develop both a hurling team and camogie team for 2012.

The hurlers had excellent numbers for their first session last Saturday, under the coaching of Darren Corcoran and Conor O’Rourke. Along with the talented hurlers the club already have in their ranks, a number of players new to the sport, took part in their first ever session. Most notably, a Kerryman, Mayoman, and Australian took their hand to the fastest sport on earth, and with growing numbers, the team can look forward to their first tournament in Den Haag on Saturday April 21st.

The ladies have their first camogie training session under their belts, and the team is in safe hands under the coaching of Holland Ladies star player, and former Cork senior camogie player, Rose Holland. 

The ladies had their first training session at the recent Invitational tournament, where a range of nationalities took part including Australian, Dutch, and German players. 

The ladies are growing in numbers already for their team and will also make their debut camogie tournament bow in Den Haag on April 21st.

All new players welcome for both the hurling and camogie teams, as well as our mens and ladies gaelic football can get in contact by emailing David at