Luxembourg Tournament

Round 1 of the Benelux Championship and of the Ladies European Championship took place in Luxembourg last weekend. Luxembourg GAA managed to secure excellent facilities for the tournament itself, with an idyllic location in the adopted Dutchies got to revel in the excitement of seeing hills!

Amsterdam Mens and Holland Ladies faced tough opposition in their opening tournaments, however both teams showed some excellent skill on the day, and a number of debuts was made in both the mens and ladies teams. This all holds good for the rest of the season and we can begin to see all players, new and old, gelling together.

Luxembourg GAA  deserve praise for an excellent tournament - a great deal of preparation went into the both the football and social aspect of the day, including extra touches such as Irish music at the pitch, and the Irish national anthem being played before both mens and ladies finals. Their sponsors, The Black Stuff, was a perfect watering hole for after the dinner, and Amsterdam GAC made their presence well known on the dance floor!

Thanks to all players who made the long drive down to Lux; it was a great weekend and certainly was one of the most enjoyable tournaments in recent years.