AGM Deadline Day!

The 2014 season is upon us and with the Amsterdam GAC AGM this evening, we will be keeping an eye on the comings & goings ahead of the AGM deadline!

See below for our Top 10 Best Bets for the AGM:

1000/1 - Fergal Walsh to be elected in any type of committee position

1/500 - Pete to use Belgium GAA as an example

2/1 - Marty to get flustered during a speech and tell everyone that they're free state bastards

9/2 - None of the new players to understand Marty

12/1 - Marty to rip his jeans

10/1 - A mysterious 3rd Ducie to show up and take control of the club

6/1 Ivan to lose his passport and spend the AGM searching for it

3/1 - Kenny to complain a lot

8/1 - Anders to show up with cabbage sandwiches

15/1 - Someone to break a nose or a finger at the AGM

Keep up to date with all the last minute deals and transfers at @AmsterdamGAC!