Movember & Beard-Off!

With the on-field competition finished for another year, the men of Amsterdam GAC naturally had no idea what to do with their competitive they've taken to growing facial hair! Some are doing it for the very good cause of Movember and trying to raise money and awareness for men's health issues such as prostate cancer....the others are mostly idiots, have named their competition the Beard-Off, and are doing it for the very good cause of making fools of themselves at the Amsterdam GAC Christmas Party!

Up first, we have the three hardy bucks taking part in Movember. Brendan Finnegan, Derek Lowry, and Ian O'Malley are all taking part in this annual competition and trying their best to grow their Mo's for the month of November. At the Amsterdam GAC Christmas Party on Dec 7th, the boys will face the tough judging panel of the Holland Ladies team to determine the overall Mo-winner. Check out the Mo pictures of the three lads below and click on their individual profile pages to donate to this worthy cause. Brendan is doing the club proud by currently sitting in 7th place in the overall Movember Netherlands leaderboard with €1,320...let's get him to Number 1!!

Derek Lowry: 

From three men doing great work for a worthy a group of lads trying to out-man each other. The brainwave of a Beard-Off cane from a good night of drinking a few Saturdays ago and as of last week, a number of our Amsterdam players are trying to grow beards...and I use the term "beards" very loosely! Come the Christmas Party, the boys will also fierce the wrath of the Holland Ladies judging panel to determine who is the Ultimate Amsterdam GAC Hairy Bastard.

Below are the Day 1 photos of some of our participants....check back in a few weeks for updates. No links are provided, cause no one would be stupid enough to donate to this!