At the Races!

Fresh from their camogie tournament in Limerick two weeks ago, Holland Ladies pulled on their gladrags and fancy hats for the Holland Ladies Race Night held in the Hague last weekend.

Organised by the power duo of Rose Holland and Eimhear Whelan, the girls were looking to fundraise for the upcoming European tournaments, as well show off their new kit kindly sponsored by Catering2U.

Master of ceremonies was Denis Reidy, and he had some good fun going through the names of over 60 horses and jockeys. A selection of those were:

Horse – Jockey:

Face of an angel, mouth of a sailor - Marina Hol       

She’d even sleep with the coach to get on the team - Deirdre White   

Rose’s stud - Jack O’ Gorman         

Sick Note - Ivan Stynes

Blinkered - Tony Bass

Ah they’re lovely boys really - Mary Gavin                      

The Sheikh - Ian O’ Malley 

The big excitement of the night came from the Auction race where over 700 euros was spent by 8 different consortiums buying horses. The winners of the race were Conor O’Rourke and Ruairi Lehmann on “Jackeens for Sam”. There were mild celebrations by the boys…….

Congrats to all the girls on a great night and thanks to all the racing fanatics who showed up!