Amsterdam Take 2nd in Championship

Amsterdam Championship squad rounded off a successful day for the club by taking second place in the competitive Benelux Championship tournament.

Amsterdam faced an early controversery of the day, when despite being two points up with a few minutes remaining in their match against The Hague, The Hague pulled back a point and due to a scorecard mistake, the 'Dam were cruelly denied a second victory in a row over The Hague, and the match ended in a draw.

Despite the frustration of this error, Amsterdam picked themselves up from it to face Luxembourg. With the scoreline reading 1-04 to 1-03 in favour of the Lux men in the closing minutes, Amsterdam were awarded a penalty which captain Derek Lowry cooly put into the top left hand corner of the net. However more controversery followed as the referee ordered the penalty to be retaken due to issues surrounding both sets of players outside the square. Lowry stepped up again and kept his nerve, this time changing his spot, and rifling the ball low and to the right and past the Lux keeper, to give Amsterdam the victory

Amsterdam then pushed past Belgium, to claim a spot in the final where they faced Luxembourg for a second time. Belgium took on The Hague in the 3rd/4th place playoff, with the Brussels men putting a high score of 3-08 past The Hague to claim third place.

In the final, Luxembourg was too strong on their second outing against Amsterdam, and took home their first ever Amsterdam Tournament trophy, while Amsterdam will take heart in a good day's performance and a jump up the table in the overall Benelux League standings to second place. Two more rounds to play for, and the Benelux League is still within Amsterdam's grasp!