Tevez Runs Away With It

The first of our regular autumn & winter pub quizzes kicked off in the Hole in the Wall on Wednesday Sept 28th. Following on from last year's trend of large numbers, we had 11 teams and over 50 people competing.

Ian O'Malley took the reins for the second time, and bar receiving abuse from some Dutch girls (which is nothing new for Ian), and from some Aussie's who don't know their geography (or how to play rugby), all went smoothly!

Fresh from his sideline antics the night before, it was Tevez who took home the rewards, with 'Tevez, you're on in 5' winning with 105 points, and the 'Channel 4 News Team' in second with 88 points.

Big thanks to Ian for MCing it, and to the Hole in the Wall and our favourite Jameson rep Sinead for supplying the prizes!