Amsterdam Make Championship Debut

After winning the European Shield last year, and winning the Benelux Championship earlier this year, Amsterdam made the step up to European Championship football at the first Pan European tournament of the season, in Copenhagen on September 15th.

The 'Dam started off strongly with a key victory over Den Haag, the highlight of which was a cracking goal from Stephen Cleary after a great pass off by Colm Brennan. Next up was Belgium, and playing against a tough wind, Amsterdam were trailing at half time, before composing themselves and winning the second half, but not by enough to stop Belgium taking the victory.

Stockholm was next up, and the 'Dam picked up a convincing victory and looked set to progress to the semi's. However fate was against them as 3 teams finished level on points, and the lads missed out on the semi finals due to score difference. Two playoff matches followed and more victories against Jersey and Stockholm again.

All together, the lads won 4 matches out of 5, 9 halves out of 10, but still missed out on the semi finals. Hard to take on the day, but the foundations are definitely there for a strong end to the season in the upcoming Vienna and Maastricht tournaments.

Best on the day were Colm Brennan, Marty McClean, Stephen Cleary and our player of the tournament, Chris Tazelaar who was rock solid in the back line!

The team also took in many of the sights of Copenhagen....Ruairi showed off his love of glittery hats, and Marty led us to finding a breakfast cure on Sunday morning.

Most importantly though, three men shared their love of ice-cream......

until we found out ice-cream is banned in Copenhagen and the rule was strictly enforced......