Coaching Weekend

Amsterdam GAC were fortunate to have former player, and current senior manager of London team Tir Chonaill Gaels, Mickey Kelly, come to Amsterdam in late August for a coaching weekend.

Mickey has a wealth of football knowledge and introduced a number of new training drills and methods over the course of the session and gave the team a chance to plan out their tactics for the upcoming European tournaments.

After a tough 3 hour session, we gathered in the Hole in the Wall in spectacular fashion as Amsterdam GAC hosted their annual (and by annual I mean once and never going to happen again) 'Dodgy Shirt Night'. 

Tadhg O'Shea was the overall winner...though Brendan Finnegan (despite not wearing a shirt) was awarded a very special commendation for his effort...we always suspected you had it in you Brendan!

Some sore heads then rose on the Sunday morning to go paintballing. No photos exist but plenty of bruises do. The team will also be severly disciplined for attacking their chairman when he may or may not have been dressed in a rabbit suit at the time!

The ladies team also got the benefits of a European Ladies coaching session in Belgium where captain Mary McPherson and Amsterdam's newest player Rose Holland attended both tactical and skills sessions.