Pub Quiz

The club started back into the 2011 season with a pub quiz in the Hole in the Wall bar on Thursday January 13th.

We enjoyed a record turnout with over 60 people spread across 13 teams sporting their usual colourful names. In future, team names referencing Tadhg’s love of sleeping in unconventional places, and David’s manly and handsome beard, will be deducted points!

Congrats to the winning team ‘Leeds Leeds Leeds’ who took home the honours with an impressive 77 points...all the more impressive considered they were lumbered with Ronan in their team. They pipped ‘60% Ian, 40% Somebody Else’ by just two points with 75, with ‘Simon Needs A Flatmate’ in third place with 71 points.

Many thanks for everybody for the overwhelming turnout, and it’s a great start for the year ahead.

Special thanks to Tadhg who acted as quizmaster on the night, and also many thanks to both the Hole in the Wall, and our favourite Jameson rep, Hannah, for supplying the prizes.